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to continue the search using boats. >>> a couple went missing on a cycling trip in peru. they haven't been heard from in a month and a warning from the department is causing more concern. >>reporter: this is the last picture jamie neal and her boyfriend gart hand posted -- garrett hand posted on their facebook page. this is the last postthat they posted on his blog. >> we first must go to lima, we want -- we do not want to stay there long. >>reporter: garrett's family living room has been transformed into animation gathering headquarter. >> someone knows where he is right now. i want to hear from him. >>reporter: the family says garrett and jamie travelled from cusco to lima. but they officials say that witnesses saw the cousin in february. >> our family wants them to come home safely and we haven't heard from him. >>reporter: no cash transactions since last january. late this afternoon, the state department e-mailed us t "peru vian's authorities will do everything possible. the couple wouldn't take unnecessary risks. >> they wanted to know the people of south america and wanted to go to p
training officers will get on the mental health homeless use at risk and cultural awareness. >> reporter: a new law allows bart to prevent passengers. >> well, we have people that attack our station agents and patrons. obviously there's rights. >> reporter: bart officials say last year alone there were many assaults and unruly behavior. their goal is a safer, cleaner environment for everyone whop uses the system. >>> when it comes to the nonviolent acts, it's going to take three abouts in 90 consecutive days to get a prohibition order. >> i hope that it doesn't carry over. for instance, i'm not a criminal, and i wouldn't commit vandalism or anything, but i don't want to be profiled. >> this law will pretty much put people into -- i think it would be a outrage. >> if somebody is involved in serious bad issues, i think it's reasonable to ban them as long as there's a process in play to make sure it's not something minor. >> reporter: firms tell us the law is not aimed at protesters. there will also be a judicial review process for people who believe they were banned unfairly. live in oakl
is on edge tonight after two men were attack inside their home. as rob roth explains the type of weapon used here is unsettling. >> reporter: 27th street last night -- >> we had multiple paramedic vehicles, we had eight cop cars. >> reporter: the police are not sure how three men got inside of this house but they attacked a 69-year-old owner with a hatchet. >> the first victim was asleep in his bed when he was suddenly attacked and awoke enby two or three suspect -- awokeen by two or three suspects where they attacked him with a hatchet. >> another man living there walked into the home and he, too, was attacked with the hatchet. neighbors saw the man who was attacked in his bed wheeled into an ambulance. >> he was pretty beat up. >> reporter: the police say they are looking for three men and have the vaguest of descriptions. they ransacked the house and fled with jewelry. some neighbors are shaken up by what happened especially with the weapon that was used. >> scary, very scary. especially, you know, most of these places don't have bars on their doors and you know, people might start thi
't releasing information about the case including how genelle allen died. a relative told us she had been's during old. her body was found friday. she was reported missing the night before. today police vowed to do everything they can to catch the killer. >> we want to catch them. we want to make sure we present a case to determine what happens. >> police have set up a tip line and are asking anyone to give them a call. san francisco police are providing information about the 1984 disappearance of kevin collins. investigators hope today about a person of interest. the man, who is deceased had many aliases and a criminal history. >> reporter: kevin kevin collins remains frozen in time. he disappeared after school in 1984. >> this case is a case as hard to the department. >> reporter: today police revealed details about the wind and jackson. described as a person of interest. he died in 2008. police say he fits the description of a man collins was seen talking to. >> he lived not far from where the abduction happened. he had a dog similar to the dog that the suspect had. >> reporter: a
the identity of the victim who was found over there in this parking lot. they would not tell us her name and age but they know who she is and where she came from. >> reporter: the process lasted most of the day finally around 5:00 p.m. the police announced this victim was the same person reported missing last night after not returning home from school. >> we think that the investigation, again, we picked it up and when our officers were actually attempting to get additional information from the reporting party is when we were notified by the pd their case. >> reporter: at 6:45 a passerby found the body and contacted the police. they shutdown the parking lot. this afternoon we met a man who driven by at 5:00 a.m. and said he saw something suspicious. >> a car parked in the parking lot facing south with his headlights on with a larger man standing next to his car. it just struck me funny all day. >> reporter: the police tell me they are following up on that information. they add the girl was found naked but no obvious signs of trauma. they say she was a young teen. nearby residents are
who lives right next to the crime scene and he told us what was going through his head tonight. >> that unknowing is unnerving. i don't know what is going on. >> has there ever been in the disturbances of peer. >> is a wonderful place. we have heard from neighbors and officers off the camera. some people traffic was hurt around 9:30 a.m.. no one has reported hearing gunshots at least according to the sheriff's deputies. and now it's just a mystery as to exactly what's happened here. we are told that investigators are trying to get more syntax of tire tracks to locate some kind of vehicle designed to determine what kind of vehicle might have been here when the crime occurred. a lot of questions that need to be answered but investigators do have a search warrant now. they are going inside the house where the three victims was found shot to death. well have more information about what the investigators had found inside the house. we will have all that here on the to the companies. we are live in sonoma county. >> two new developments in the case of a deer kill the girl found in th
the ground tells us that police are on the scene right now processing sxefd reviewing security tapes from the area. the stabbing happened about 3:15 on north 21st street an east julian street right next to san jose high school. a family friend told our crew the victim was about 14 years old. at this point it's not clear if the teenager was a student there at the high school. investigators are looking into whether the stabbing is gang related. this marks san jose's fiftd homicide of the year. >>> now to oakland where police are investigating a fatal shooting that happened about 2:30 this afternoon inside the apartment on 16th avenue. police said they were searching for two men seen running away. it appears the victim was visiting the apartment and did not live there. this is oakland's tenth homicide of the year. >>> and in northern slau know county a pilot was killed this afternoon when his small plane crashed. the crash was reported about 4. 15 today south south of winter. officials now say it was an experimental plane. there are reports of witnesses seeing a wing fall off the plane while
was at work, showed us the damage. >> they were all carrying guns and basically the intention was to kill everybody in the family. they didn't take nothing. they didn't want no witnesses. >> at this point, there are only vague descriptions of the intruders who remain on the introduce. >>> after an unusually dry january, we finally had some wet weather pass through the area today. we took these pictures in china town, just a light drizzle, but enough to bring out the rain coat and umbrellas. we may see more rain before the night is out. >>> that's right. the rain showers have been developing this evening twochlt weeks of dry weather -- 2 weeks of dry weather coming to an end today. nothing too impressed. you can see about a hundredth of an inch toward livermore, san jose, 2 hundreds of an inch. >> as you can see, on live storm tracker 2, some more activity and coverage developing. we'll begin up toward the north bay, the darker shades mean some accumulation for us. >> rainfall rate do pick up around daily city. >> moving parallel to the cost line right around half moon bay. >> the chance o
released without charges. the u.s. supreme court is expected to rule this summer on california's gay marriage ban. if possible same sex couples may be able to be married next valentine's day. >>> candy and cards aren't enough are in some. they needed a pillow fight. >> the crowd of fighters still at herman plaza in san francisco, has become a tradition of the take a look at these pictures and you'll see not everyone got the message. last year, the over time bill for clean up crews was estimated at $5,000. some say it's worth it for the joy of pillow combat. >>> the sheriff's office confirmed a few hours ago, human remains found in a burned cabin has been identified as fugitive christopher dorner. the former la police officer died tuesday after being pinned down. the fire was igno, sired by teargas canisters. the remains were identified through dental records. they believe him through shootings. 4 people were killed, include it would go law enforcement officers. >>> sandra elementary school was closed after a 19-year-old man was shot and killed overnight on the school grounds. our rep
is live in santa cruz where he's been following developments for us all afternoon and evening long. matt is live now with what's happening there in santa cruz. matt. >> just in the past ten minutes this bus showed up, and we just watched as officers and dep tis escorted some of the children from a preschool in this area that was on lockdown during this whole incident. it is now just after 7:00 and these kids have been locked down, again, in montessori preschool here on branciforte for the last several hours as this investigation continues today. now, the sheriff told me they don't believe there are any outstanding suspects, and the public is not in danger, but we've seen several deputies with rifles walk the perimeter here branciforte and water in the past several minutes. again, we're watching as some of these pre-school-age children are being taken toth county building where they'll be reunited with their parents. the sheriff says he is going to have his deputies still walk door to door and go from closet to closet just to be safe but, again, he doesn't believe there are any outstandin
heriff's deputy this afternoon. this comes dairy -- christopher dorner. chris wells joins us from big bear with the very latest on this intense manhunt >> it's been a chaotic day that included a car chase through the mountains, stolen cars and in other law-enforcement official shot and killed but at the end of the day law-enforcement officials several of them are now confirming that christopher dorner is dead >> flames could be seen shooting from a cabin where police believe renegade ex- coppa christopher dorner barricaded himself after a fatal shootout we sheriff deputies. >> if this is christopher dorner he is now responsible for the murder of four people. and attempted murder of three o ther. >> to sheriff's deputies were shot in an exchange of gunfire with dorner. one was killed and the other is expected to survive. >> law-enforcement is a very close-knit family. agencies is a brotherhood so this is a very difficult day again for law enforcement. >> sources say the fire started after police detonated smoke devices inside the cabin. >> please the fbi and swat teams have been cut co
and depending on what investigation find, it could impact the scaffolding project. a bridge official tells us that the set-back will not impact the planned labor day opening and in celebration. reporting live on treasure island,. >>> more details on the accident. we have a photo in which you can see the supports that the crane was removing. they run horizontally there underneath the bridge toward the top of your screen. those crisscross supports held the deck up and we have highlighted an area where you can actually see a piece of equipment falling during the incident. >> on our web site we have the video. look under the bay area news tab. >>> we are learning that the shooting claimed the life of a bay area man, thomas cherry, jr. of oakland. a man driving a gray missouri a ratti was killed when someone opened fire. the drivers argued at the valet area at the aria hotel. after the shooting the range rover drove off. >> the suspects in the shooting have no regard for the lives and safety of others. >> finding those involved is a top priority. >> the mass a rati crashed into a taxy and the driv
area and now it's up to us to treat that insensitivity and say no he didn't have that or you can take him at his word. >> undoubtedly a learning experience for chris culiver. what's have heard the last until the super bowl. >> tomorrow that conference with jim and john harbaugh and that 1 should have its moments. >> reporting live from new orleans, ktvu charnel 2 news. >>> -- channel 2 news. >>> live coverage in every single newscast all week long leading up to super bowl sunday. >>> beyonce is a half-time performance gig. she got critics from the recent inauguration. >> beyonce sang live before hundreds of reporters . beyonce confirmed she didn't have enough to practice with the band before the inauguration but said sunday's half-time show will be the real deal. >> i will absolutely be singing live. i am rehearse and i had will absolutely be singing live. this is what i was born to do, what i was born for. >> today's press conference was the super star's first public comment on the uproar. >> jennifer hudson will join the chorus from sandy hook elementary school to sing america the b
. >> this owner of a late night taqueria tells us what he says a drunken partier did two weeks ago. >> he threw the garbage can three times and finally went through the glass here. >> told me many offices have been pulled from patrolling north beach on weekend nights to more violent neighborhoods because of understaffing. >> we're working together with the community, the entertainment commission and the board of supervisors and, of course, the leadership of the mayor to make sure we get it safe. >> unfortunately this incident continues to highlight the need for more patrolling on broadway. >> tighter regulations for party promoters and nightclubs but the problems persist. >> i've seen the good times, and i've seen the bad times. this is the low point unfortunately. >> one idea under consideration is the creation of a special community benefits district where business owners would pay a special fee with the extra money going to improvements such as increased security. in san francisco, rob ross ktvu channel 2 news. >>> and now to sonoma county where investigators want to locate two men who may b
marijuana. the department says the homeowners bypassed the electrical meter so the power use would go undetected. >>> bay bridge officials say it turns out that yesterday's crane collapse caused cosmetic tk-blg to the new eastern span. the falling crane scraped the paint on the underside of the bridge but that the integrity of the bridge was not compromised. the investigation will force a delay in taking down the steel support that the crane was helping to remove when it tipped over. >> they need to wait until the investigation is completed. right now they are estimating it will take about one month. >> the officials say the labor day opening of the bridge will not be effected. crane was taken to the port of oakland. investigators from osha, caltrans and the contractors are studying it it to figure out why it fell. hewlett hackard shares sored following earning news. the turnaround strategy is having results. they have no plans to break up the pc and práeupbter maker. hb shares rose 12% to chose at $22 a share. the best day for hp in more than four years. hp provided a boost for wall
about 10 a.m.. the sheriffs department used helicopters to look for her. the family notified the station she had returned. it's not yet clear if she knew known was looking for her. >>> another continuing coverage on a bike trip in south america, going a month without any contract, have finally been located in peru. family members say they finally talked to the missing couple just a couple hours ago. >> amber? >> reporter: we met with the family here on the front lawn of his sister's home shortly after 5:00 this evening. they were all miles. >> garrett's mother, his older sister and father werl beaming as mother ms. fitzgerald got the proof the family had been waiting for that her son and his girlfriend are save in peru. >> we have talked to garrett a few hours ago. >> he spoke with han and that the 25-year-old expressed surprise by the commotion he and his girlfriend caused. they laughed and said everything was fantastic. family and friends became concerned for the couple's safety during their bisic their bike trip. >> it is anxiously waiting for the couple to come home. >> we cannot des
-mail alert. many say the wooded trails are often used to get around campus. >> this is really shocking. i didn't ever think anything like this would actually happen. >> part of it is there's no direct path to get from one part to another so it's why we have a lot of these trails that go through the wood sos that's how you get places. >> police say the victim was taken to do min can hospital. she describes the suspect as white male, 30 to 40 years old, about 5-11, 200 pounds with black hair, green eyes, a tattoo on his right bicep partly covered. the victim says the man smelled of cigarettes and after the assault he ran away. there is an average of two to four sexual offenses reported on campus each year, but the suspect usually is not a stranger. here is another look at the sketch of the rape suspect, and i've learned tonight that campus police are planning to hold a public safety forum on wednesday at 7:00 right here on campus. reporting live from uc santa cruz, ktvu channel 2 news. >> for details this rape at uc santa cruz comes six days after a 21-year-old stubt was shot at a bus stop
really cold it's going to be. >>> people in the south bay tell us they saw a little bit of everything today as robert honda reports a mix of sun, rain, hail even snow caused the occasional inconvenience. >> it is the type of winter season picture the south bay hasn't seen much of this winter. thick snow capping mount hamilton in santa clara county above san jose and this wasn't just a dusting. it was a nice flurry of snow that filled the air and stuck toth ground enough so that officials closed off mount hamilton road to visitors. for deliveryman drew the cold weather was a mixed blessing. >> i live for the snow. working in it is terrible. doesn't make things easy at all. >> glanville showed us what he meant. he literally had to pry his delivery shipment boxes apart. >> it's freezing everything together. it's crazy. i was getting hailed on a few minutes ago. not easy to work. >> but the hail was sporadic. the rain was more steady and even heavy at time, especially in san jose as well as communities in and around the santa cruz mountains. for most people we talked to, though, they enjo
that includes a previous run in with the law. >> reporter: today's charge of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction was not his first encounter with the law enforcement. in april, 2011, the authorities arrested him while living in his rv outside of his father's home in san jose. santa clara prosecutors say his family asked for a mental health check and the police found a rifle with ammunition that he brought with him when he moved from arizona to san jose. he had an unusual interest in weapons. military magazines and had mental health issues. sentenced to six years in jail but served more than six months. the people in that neighborhood were surprised by the news. >> shocking. to say the least. >> very, very -- next door, yes, very surprised. very surprised. >> reporter: an undercover agent in january this year he came up with a plan to build a car bomb at a storage unit to be detonated at this bank of america branch in oakland. the fbi says that his goal with the bombing of the bank was to create a government crack down triggering a counterresponse against the government leading to ci
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